A craft defined: Etsy editors give a glimpse into their shop owners’ unique skills

The editorial experts at Etsy know a good story when they see one, and with a skilled video team at their disposal, storytelling and film combine beautifully. Etsy has an arsenal of talented crafters at their disposal: metal-smiths, knitters, painters, woodworkers–all with a unique story behind their shop and craft. As the self-proclaimed handmade marketplace of the world, it’s the personality of each shop that draws in buyers and makes Etsy thrive. So why not showcase what skill makes each shop owner…well…that shop’s owner?

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and watch others excel at their craft–appreciation is just as important as imitation. Check out some of Etsy’s most masterful shop owners and let their quality work and dedication soak in. Just this once, you can save crafting for another day.

Woodgrain Bike Frames

Rob Pollock transitions from custom painting car interiors to creating one of a kind bike frames, cementing his craft for over 40 years. Check out his shop here.

Sweet Peas with Kim Westad

New York ceramic designer Kim Westad has a knack for throwing pottery. Watch this formally-trained graphic designer make one of her signature pieces–a Sweet Pea porcelain vessel. Her shop can be found here.

Bone Flutes with Catherine Thompson

Semi-nomadic Catherine Thompson takes from the land to create beautiful instruments, often foraging for discarded natural matter like bones and integrating them into her products. Watch her strum to the tune of her unique narrative, and after, head over to her shop here.


Dr. Christoph von Horst is a plastination expert–he preserves dead animals and turns shaved down layers of their remains into art. Say what you will, but his prints are magnificent, and anatomically correct. Get a glimpse at his patented work here.

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