Give in to your inner Techie

If you thought Wired’s How-To Wiki¬†section had it all, you might as well brace yourself now. The authority on all things tech launched a new design site on Wednesday that targets DIYers looking for more than just instructionals to spruce up their space.

The site already features more than 15 original posts, giving a glimpse into the world of being a successful microblogger, NASA and starving art students, and Etsy’s strangest shaped desk. Three staff writers and 14 columnists–including Wired’s art directors themselves–round out the team of dedicated posters. And to top it all off, the gurus behind the new endeavor offer up what they’ve been reading to supplement the ideas conjured up by Wired’s team. Want to know what editor Shoshana Berger is reading? Seven hours ago, it was about how high-speed cameras are catching stupidity in action. And staff writer Joseph Flaherty? An article on odd 3D printing materials.

Columnist Allison Arieff's husband, Bryan, sands a homemade pot after setting clay with their daughter, Emilia. Credit: Brian L. Frank/Wired

If this doesn’t sound DIY-enough for you, Wired won’t disappoint with it’s first hands-on post detailing how to slip-cast ceramics. A project meant for a garage, writer Allison Arieff breaks down the process into steps so simple a six year old could do it–and one does, her name’s Emilia. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself here¬†(in case you missed the link before).

If you think this is all Wired’s got to wow you, they’re just getting starting. Stick around, unleash the beast inside you, and geek out with Wired’s new DIY site.

(via Wired)

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