It’s play time with Dwell

Dwell is chaneling its inner child with the 2012 Lego Modern Home Design Competition. The competition consists of 135 Lego houses, inspired by Californian mid-century modern architecture.¬†Though submissions have already been logged, it’s up to viewers now to decide who should win. Once the top five are picked, the houses will be on display at Dwell’s design conference, Dwell on Design, where judges will chose a winner live at the show. Check out some of competition’s top-notch contenders, and read up on the inspiration for each.

Cedar Forest Home¬†– “My home was inspired by mid-century California modern architecture. I decided to use wood and stone because they blended really well together, and created a very warm and cozy design. The numerous dark green windows around the building give natural lighting to the forest home. I put a pool right into the L-shaped landscape of the home to add a very unique touch. Although a small plot plan, I was able to squeeze in a small recreation area in the back for fires, and family gatherings.”

Water’s Edge Live/Work Dwelling – “21st Century, Case Study House-inspired dwelling. Two stories. Filled with Southern California sunlight from every aspect throughout the day. Open deck for sun worshipping. Double-height entrance hall with clear glass cactus atrium. Half-moon infinity water feature on sun deck provides 24/7 wave sounds.”

Ocean Side – “I wanted a lot of light to be able to come in so you could enjoy the California sun shine. I floor plan is very open and you have a great view from every room. I just picture it right along the beach.”

Suburban House – “My entry is a representative Mid-Century Modern suburban house with flagstone walls, large windows, fireplace, car port and a mix of flat and angled roofs. In some ways it feels descended from the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. The bulk of the model is made from numerous tan, dark tan and light gray 1×2 plates.”

Towers of Glass – “Our home features four stories of glass and cascading terraces. The home is finished in a striking contrast of black and white. The home was designed by myself, Ryan Warnick. My four daughters; Morgan (8), Macy (7), Ainsley (4) and Nora (2) participated in the construction.”

(via Dwell)

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