Home improvement, the woman’s way

Stylelist’s been on point lately offering up quick fixes and home improvement tips for stylish homeowners — with last minute Easter ideas, tips to keep flowers alive longer, and even how to make a cute Easter sock bunny, the gurus at Stylelist have been keeping up with home design for the holiday season. An especially helpful post, Weekend DIY Projects: 10 Ways to Fix Up Your Home in 2 Days or Less, has been the latest DIY post to grace the pages of Stylelist, offering up projects from garden revamps to brick repair.

Though these are great options for the avid DIYer, a particular “Related Video” at the end of the slideshow is enough to stop a reader in his/her tracks. Basic Home Improvement Tools for Women is the name of the video, a 90s-style wives of Home Improvement-esque video claiming to give home-wives an arsenal of tricks so they can help out their manly husbands around the house. It’s sexist at best, and is everything the modern woman does not want to hear in an instructional video. The video should be skipped over entirely…if it wasn’t for the surprisingly helpful advice it offered. Here are six gems from the video so you don’t have to sift through it yourself:

1. You’re going to need a basic hammer with a claw-head. It’s light enough to carry around, and is helpful for small projects like hanging pictures to large projects such as building benches. “Something small that won’t be too heavy for you to…something we can manage.”

2. You’re also going to need basic pliers. While a hammer is going to help you knock stuff into place, pliers will help you take it right back out. If you use it to hold a nail in place up to a wall, “you won’t have to worry about breaking a nail.”

3. An adjustable wrench — the tool you’ll never want to use but need to have — is an essential part of your tool kit when it comes to quick fixes. A leaky pipe or faucet easily falls victim to the power of the adjustable wrench. “You won’t have to call the plumber in the middle of the night.”

4. The perfect accessory, a tape measure, is great for on-the-go measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Way more than something “that’s good to hang on a keychain,” it’s an essential tool to ensure you don’t buy something that’s the wrong size. Ones with built-in levels are especially helpful once you get your purchase home.

5. But if you left your tape measure in your purse, make sure you have a standalone level. While most built-in levels only have enough space for one level, it’s important that your device have three — vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. You won’t know which direction you’d like something to be level until you’re stuck without the tool.

6. Various sized hooks are essential for ensuring your walls can withstand the weigh of your decorations. Most hooks have standardized weight capacities to make sure your items are supported. Segregating and labeling hooks by weight makes it easier to get the job done.

6. Goggles, though “they’re not the most stylish,” are essential for protecting your eyes from flying debris. When using power tools, there’s a higher chance for shreds of material to get airborne, increasing the risk of damage done to your eyes. “You probably don’t want to go out shopping in them…but safety is important.” Yes, it is.

In case you’re interested, or want a good laugh, check out the video here:


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It’s not too late for some Easter décor

With just 10 short hours until Easter comes to a crescendo, your space can look pretty bleak without at least one pastel decoration to celebrate the weekend. Luckily, for those of us who don’t partake in the religious holiday, the pastel palette that often accompanies this holiday transcends the weekend into a season-long trend. Stylelist saves the day with a few suggestions to perk up your place, Easter-style. Here are some favorites from the list, with some tweaks to make them worthy of the space all season long.

1. Paper bag Easter basket: Nothing screams Easter more than a wicker basket loaded with dyed eggs. However, those baskets don’t get thrown out after the holiday weekend and often get repurposed as storage for other items, like napkin-wrapped silverware or hand towels. With a disposable basket like this one, you have the option of recycling it once the holiday is over. But it’s modern and chic, and can hold a number of items, from keys at the front door to jewelry in your bedroom. Simple and chic, this modern variation of an Easter basket is well worth becoming a (semi)permanent decoration in your home.

2. Nest napkin rings: Cute and elegant, these napkin rings fit perfectly into the décor of a rustic, organic home. They’re easy to make, and add a simple touch to any meal served on Easter Sunday. But after eating several variations of eggs on that annual holiday — deviled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, and the list goes on — the desire to see reoccurring elements of eggs throughout your home wanes. Don’t worry, I understand. Instead of throwing out your crafty homemade napkin rings, alter them. When making them, instead of gluing the nests onto the rings themselves, use tape. Pop off the nests as soon as the holiday’s over, and you’re left with delicate and beautiful napkin rings for the future. Eggcellent.

3. Eggshell candles: There’s nothing more upsetting about an Easter tradition than tearing apart a beautifully-dyed Easter egg. After spending grueling minutes developing the perfect design, you want nothing more than to turn your fragile piece of art into a more permanent display of shell-dyeing talent. With this DIY, you can, by preserving the shells and turning them into small candle holders.  Though these candles aren’t permanent, they extend the life of your masterpiece for at least a little while, and illuminate your work with a delicate glow.

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Someone’s angry about your Target chair…

As any young person looking to furnish a home knows, not everyone has the funds to deck out their place with top-notch items. Apparently no one informed famed chair designer Fritz Hansen, who decided to wage a war on the knock-off world with this video, a concise minute and a half of chair-stomping to prove its company’s quality over the knock-offs’. While the sentiment is duly-noted — who enjoys having their ideas stolen and mass-produced? oh that’s right, no one — it’s not a far stretch to make the claim that Danish company Fritz Hansen went a little overboard to make its point. Hey, there’s a middle-income American family that could’ve used those chairs. Check out the Moonbounce-esque rage party below:

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The 5 Best DIY Home Blogs You Never Knew Existed

So you want to do it yourself, but you don’t really want to do it yourself–you want someone to tell you what to do and how to do it. That’s fine, because even if the process isn’t your own, the end product is something to brag about, right? There’s a wealth of internet sources out there waiting for crafters like you to try out their instructional ideas. So dive into these sites and try out your hand at some DIY home design–a nifty Google search won’t get you these hidden gems of the internet.


1. A Beautiful Mess: Elsie Larson, creator and sole contributor of this DIY blog, is a master of craft culture. She’s a seamstress, a chef, a beautician, a photographer, and a home design maven. While all of her projects are equally as insightful and creative, her design prowess cannot be dismissed. Whether it’s a flowing chandelier or a delicate daisy quilt, one theme unifies Larson’s creations: elegance. She even provides a home tour for her audience to see, proving she’s the real deal.


2. The House of Smiths: Clean, crisp, and mature: The House of Smiths blog caters to young crafters everywhere who yearn for straight lines and a bright, white-washed feel. Though wife Shelley and her husband, Cason, have only been blogging since November, they’ve got a palette of fresh DIY to choose from. Spice up your kitchen with an updated wood slat backsplash or create a modern storage space for blankets with some stained wooden crates.


3. Design*Sponge: What’s better than a collective group of crafters who have an arsenal of DIY experience? The same group of crafters giving you easy to follow, step-by-step instructions accompanied with difficulty and cost ratings. The craft masters at Design*Sponge do just that, and they do it twice daily. With options like coiled rope baskets or oversized paper flowers, the site’s unique designs are enough to keep you hooked for days.


4. Young House Love: Just as the name suggests, this site is all about getting your space to its fullest potential with the help of a few youthful hands. Run by two spunky, young parents–Sherry and John–their design insight far surpasses their age. Start off by learning how to stick to a budget before creating the perfect faux sheepskin rug. Their well-organized projects tab makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, whether it be afternoon projects or organization options.

5. The Inspired Room: More a collective of DIY instructionals, the Inspired Room is your one-stop source for all things DIY. Self-proclaimed “DIY-challenged” blog owner Melissa pulls from other design sites to create the ultimate DIY paradise. Turn a globe into a pendant light with instructions from Apartment Therapy, or make the perfect topiary from Kate’s Place. Don’t feel left out if you want your design to be featured–the site includes a submission form right at the top to offer up your unique design.